Tower Districts Coyote Has Been Caught

Fresno These are pictures of the animal hours after she was tranquilized and taken to the S.P.C.A. Officials finally caught up with the adult female after it chased a bicycle rider this morning. You can see the coyote hiding in a corner of her cage. Officials say that's normal since she's not tame.

Michael Arens, S.P.C.A.: "She's in fantastic shape. She's obviously been having plenty to eat. With any luck it's all been dog food and cat food. Not as far as some of the reports we've been getting of some of the cats missing from the neighborhood. She's very scared and traumatized right now but that's to be expected from a wild animal."

The S.P.C.A. is now waiting for clearance from the Department of Fish and Game to release the coyote into a rural area where she can live in an environment more suitable for her.

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