94th annual Clovis Rodeo Attracts Crowd

4/26/2008 Clovis, CA High school bands, Clovis royalty, and cowboys made their way through the streets of Old Town Clovis Saturday morning, but it was the horses that impressed Melissa Guzman the most. Guzman said, "They're pretty cool. I like all the tricks they do."

40,000 families came out for the annual Clovis Rodeo Parade. 5-year-old Andrew Ramos went in full cowboy gear. "He wanted the whole outfit. He had me going to store to store to pick out an outfit for him," said his mother, Elida Ramos.

The parade is something many Clovis residents just can't miss. Scott Olson said it was his 25th year to attend the parade. He was there Saturday with his son, Shawn, and grandson. "I just enjoy watching my children watch it and it just takes me back a little bit to seeing it for the first time myself," said Shawn.

In Clovis, the annual parade is part of the "Clovis way of life", just like the actual rodeo. Saturday afternoon, people used hats and sunglasses to shade them from the sun as they watched cowboys get tossed around. The riders are professionals, but they might just be a little crazy, too. "I think they're scared. They better be!" said Amy Downer.

The bucking broncos may look scary, but it was just another day for cowboy Moe Heaton. He wasn't impressed with his ride or his horse. "Just a bad horse. No fun to ride," said Heaton.

It was Heaton's first experience with the "Clovis way of life." He's hoping the next one will be better. "Good Rodeo, just bad luck," said Heaton.

Saturday's rodeo festivities also included the coronation of Markie Battaglia as the new Clovis Rodeo Queen. The rodeo wraps Sunday.

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