LA Firefighters Hope for Cooler Weather

4/28/2008 Los Angeles, CA The 500-acre fire in Sierra Madre started Saturday afternoon. The fire forced more than 1,000 people from their homes. Firefighters say the wildfire is 23% percent contained.

The fire is moving away from the evacuated homes, so far no buildings have burned, but firefighters are not ready to let people back into their homes. "We are not going to put anyone back into harm's way. And so we want to be absolutely sure that no harm is going to come to anybody by re-populating that area, having the fire change directions, and come back down onto those residents and be a cause to have a re-evacuation," said Marc Peebles with the Southern California Incident Management Team.

Firefighters hope to have the wildfire full contained within four to seven days.

All schools in Sierra Madre canceled classes for today.

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