Veterans Museum Fundraiser

5/25/2008 Fresno, CA Those with the museum say they are also trying to raise awareness of its existence. "This is a treasure in the Central Valley and a lot of people don't know it exists," said organizer Glenn Dembroff.

The museum is located in downtown Fresno and is filled with artifacts from past wars. Its director, Art Hill, is a veteran of World War II. Sunday, he recalled his return from the war. "Tears of joy mixed with the tears of sadness for those who didn't make it home. We feel quite fortunate."

Hill says the museum's purpose is to honor veterans for their sacrifice and teach younger generations about the cost of freedom. It's something Erik Husbands has learned firsthand. "I know some guys that lost their lives. And you remember those and the sacrifices of the other people that we don't know, we've never met them personally or talked to them," said Husbands.

Husbands has served in the Army National Guard for 20 years and will be heading back overseas this summer. He visited the museum Sunday with his wife and young daughter. "I want her to know there is a legacy. That her father is supporting our country and we support him," said Christina Husbands.

The theme of this year's museum fundraiser is "Footsteps of our Fathers," to honor not just older veterans, but the younger ones, too. Organizers are hoping honoring the fallen will continue year-round, beyond Memorial Day.

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