Fresno Ag Hardware Ready to Move in July

Fresno, CA Fresno Ag Hardware has been a fixture at Blackstone and Gettysburg for forty years. Negotiations on a new lease have broken down. But instead of shutting down, the family-run business is moving to a new place, 88-year old Jim Rosetta remains a hands-on owner at Fresno Ag Hardware. Rosetta said "I always think being active helps keep your body and mind in tune and when you sit down and relax you're gonna die."

Jim and his 73-year old sister-in-law Rae Rosetta aren't ready for retirement. Aside from new items here and there Fresno Ag hasn't changed much in the past 40 years. The easy pace and stock of hard-to-find items keeps people coming back. Store co-owner Rae Rosetta said "I believe it's the service we give our customers. They're our first priority. That what we always emphasized."

Fresno Agricultural Works opened in 1876. Back then you came to the downtown location to have your buggy fixed, The store has been located on Blackstone Avenue for 55 years. 40 of those years at this location.

Rae's husband John, Jim's brother, passed away six years ago but her son Pat will take over the reigns of the store. Jim Rosetta said "What we're trying to do now with the help of her son, the three of us, is to carry on the tradition that has made Fresno Ag what it is."

But in a new location. In July Fresno Ag Hardware moves to this location at Gettysburg and First. Rae Rosetta said "It's hard but we're only going a mile east and I'm sure our customers as they have been saying to me, they will follow us wherever we go."

When you browse the aisles at Fresno Ag, it's as if you've taken a trip back in time. You can't re-create that feel but Jim Rosetta says the new store will be roomier and will be able to offer more to customers.

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