Fresno to Pay Millions in Homeless Lawsuit

6/6/2008 Fresno, CA The A.C.L.U. said the city violated their rights during a city clean-up project, and a judge agreed.

Of the $2.3 million dollars awarded, $1.4 million will be awarded to the homeless.

This lawsuit is being called a landmark case for the homeless not only in Fresno but across the United States.

Late Thursday afternoon lawyers for eight homeless people whose belongings were seized and destroyed by the City of Fresno and Cal Trans over a two year period settled on a $1.4 million dollar payment. Legal analyst Tony Capozzi said this is a good settlement for the homeless.

Liza Apler spent her life helping the homeless of Fresno. She was named in the lawsuit as the person who will help supervise the distribution of the money to the homeless.

The deal will be finalized Friday. The city and Cal Trans are expected to pay $85,000 dollars in lawyer's fees.

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