Ohio man recalls classmate, friend in Tim Russert

6/14/2008 Akron, Ohio A northeast Ohio dentist is remembering his college classmate and friend, Tim Russert.

Dentist John Hudec says the NBC Washington bureau chief was more into politics than his on-camera fame. The 58-year-old moderator of "Meet The Press" died Friday after collapsing in NBC's Washington newsroom.

Hudec says Russert was a true politico. The two were classmates at John Carroll University in suburban Cleveland. They recently exchanged notes, remembering they were together at the school's library the day presidential hopeful George Wallace was shot in 1972.

Hudec says Russert replied to his note with a joke that Hudec shouldn't repeat that story because no one would believe Russert even knew where the library was.

Hudec also says his friend helped bring musical acts Chicago and The Beach boys to John Carroll University.

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