Celebration in Fresno's Tower District

Fresno, CA Margaret Brown and Carrie Stewart just got their licenses today, and are planning a wedding with their four children can all be present. Stewart says, "We asked them how they felt about it, and they're like, well how come you're not married already, and we said because it wasn't legal and now it is, and they're so, you're gonna get married soon, and we're like, yeah, we will."

A total of 63 same sex couples couldn't wait and were married at the Fresno County Clerks office on the first day such weddings were allowed in California. Kathy Boyer and Lee Walters were the first to say "I do"

While some are concerned about a November ballot measure in which California voters could vote to change the state constitution and declare same sex marriage illegal, there's optimism public attitudes have shifted.

Jason Scott, a Gay Rights Activist who was married to his partner today, and organized the reception party says, "When we went out today we were expecting large opposition to us, and as you may have seen we didn't any protestors out against us. That's really a monumental step here in the valley, that we didn't have all these people out trying to be against us. "

Those here are putting politics and fighting aside tonight, enjoying a new freedom.

James Hensley who just married his partner of 12 years, Chris Jarvis says," If feels great, it's been a long time coming, and I'm very, very happy." Jarvis put it this way," It's a little surreal, believing it's actually legal, but it's great, yeah."

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