Swearengin Maintains Slim Lead over Perea

Fresno, CA Swearengin holds a 48-45 percent lead in the latest Fresno Mayoral poll but with a four-percent margin of error the two candidates are basically even. Both camps can point to positive trends in the latest poll.

Swearengin and Perea will use several debates and TV campaign ads to differentiate themselves. Councilman Perea says he has a track record of fighting crime and reducing air pollution. Perea said "When you compare that with my opponent's inability to bring new jobs and meet their goals like they said they're going to do I'll put my track record up against that any day."

Swearengin responded by saying "We've got lots of local companies that are growing, people are being trained and getting placed for jobs. I'd like to see what my opponent has provided in terms of leadership for the issue of unemployment here in Fresno.."

Swearengin maintains a slight overall edge at 48-45 percent. The economic development expert also enjoyed a four-point swing among male voters since the last survey August 11th. Support from men went from 43-to-47 percent.

Swearengin said "I'm so pleased with the momentum. When we started this race there were a lot people who said the political insider was going to be the favorite here and I think we've proven that people want a change and they want somebody from the outside and I'm just pleased with the poll today."

The exclusive Action News poll shows Perea with a nine-percent boost among female voters. Support among women jumped from 35-44 percent. Perea said "The new numbers are very encouraging because the fact is we're running against the status quo but I think with the numbers coming up, this race getting tighter showing people really want change in this community."

Political Analyst Tony Capozzi says both candidates need to shore up areas where they're losing ground. Capozzi said "If they're not paying attention to that they're gonna lose the election. It's important that you deal with that."

SurveyUSA says the ratio of white voters to Hispanic voters on Election Day will determine who wins. The latest poll shows Perea with a commanding 68-26 percent edge among Hispanics.

Capozzi said "I think a low turnout really will hurt Mr. Perea. I think a high turnout clearly helps him." Capozzi adds the Presidential election may impact the local election. "Keep in mind Califorina's not gonna be in play on the national election. It's pretty much going to be an Obama state. "

The latest poll showed seven-percent of the voters surveyed were undecided. It is a group which clearly can determine Fresno's next Mayor.


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