Tulare Abandoned Warehouse Fire

Tulare, CA, USA Investigators have a long way to go until they determine what caused the fire. It centered at the back portion of this medical supply building that was also used as storage. What lay inside here proved to be dangerous to fire fighters.

Water soaked floors became a blessing to business owners who's belonging escaped Friday's fire. Crews contained flames to the medical supply building ... Saving 9 adjacent businesses. Brian Vandyke lost thousands of dollars of equipment stored at the spot where the fire started.

Brian Vandyke said, "Some quads and basic toys for us to go and have fun on the weekends ... It's unfortunate things like this happen but live goes on and we will just build new machinery."

One Tulare fire fighter attached a camera to his helmet. He then climbed a 75 foot latter. Smoke billowed into the sky and could be seen from miles. At one point ... Residents were nearly rocked out of bed as fire fighters made progress.

Tulare Fire Chief Michael Threlkfield said, "They were making good progress until we had some explosions occur. There were three of those. We believe those to be oxygen cylinders that were being stored in the rear of the business."

The clean up already started by lunchtime. Business owners returned to find food getting warm and in some areas ... Extensive water damage. Ceasar Bentacourt's mortgage company is now in ruins.

Ceasar Bentacourt said, "It's flooded with water everywhere. All my files are very wet. Probably I'm going to lose my client's files."

No injuries to report because the buildings were unoccupied this morning.


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