Best Double Stroller

Consumer Watch Eve Sheehan says having a double stroller makes taking a walk with her two young daughters a breeze.

Eve Sheehan said, "I love my double stroller. Without it, I don't know how I would get around. It's just great!"

Hers is a tandem, where kids sit front to back. There are also Side-by-side double strollers. Consumer reports tested both types. This special machine pushes each stroller back and forth over 150-thousand bumps, 19 miles in all, to see how they hold up.

Testers also take the strollers around an obstacle course to see how easy they are to maneuver. Or in some cases, how difficult. This tandem from safety first wasn't all that easy to turn. And some side-by-sides can be a bit tricky to get through doorways. Features are important, too.

Rich Handel of Consumer Reports said, "Look for a stroller with a five-point harness like this. It will hold your child more securely than a three-point harness."

One-touch brakes that operate levers on both the rear wheels at the same time are convenient, and a roomy, accessible storage basket is also a plus. And if you plan on attaching a car seat, make sure the stroller you like is car-seat compatible.

For side-by-sides, Consumer Reports top-rated the Maclaren Twin Triumph. It's lightweight, folds up easily, and costs about $245 dollars.

If you want a tandem, Consumer Reports recommends the Graco Quattro Tour for $240 dollars. It has a roomy storage basket and accommodates two car seats a plus if you've got twins.

Either one you choose should make toting two kids around a whole lot easier.

Consumer Reports also tested single strollers. It rated the Graco Quattro Tour Sport as the best. It cost $170 dollars.


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