Horrifying Memories Recalled In Court

Fresno, CA, USA Catherine Barnett works at a Clovis Citibank. She said, "I heard a loud boom and glass shattering everywhere." Barnet was alone in the bank in the summer of 2006 when she said two suspects broke through a window. On Monday, jurors saw surveillance video of the masked men trying to find the vault. Barnett said, "They wanted me to open the vault and I told them I couldn't." Prosecutor Michael Frye asked, "And why couldn't you?" Barnett responded, "It's a split combination. I only have part of the combination. I don't have the full combination."

The judge would not allow us to show the faces of Jamal Chambers and Doug Jackson in court. Identity is playing a major role in the trial, because the suspects in the surveillance video covered their faces. The prosecutor is trying to prove Chambers and Jackson committed the crime and started the wild, police shootout. Fresno State security cameras captured the chase as it wound through campus. Frye said, "As they entered the middle of Fresno State along Barstow there was another flurry of shots being fired by the driver and passenger."

Defense Attorney Tony Capozzi is ABC 30's legal analyst. He is defending Jamal Chambers in the case. Capozzi says the prosecution has the wrong suspect. He is also challenging the state's DNA evidence. Capozzi said, "On the articles that they say there's DNA evidence, what it does is ... It doesn't eliminate Jamal Chambers and it doesn't eliminate a number of people also."

The trial could is expected to take three weeks. At this point, both defendants should take the witness stand.


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