Controversial Exhaust Filters

Fresno, CA, USA Jim Ganduglia points to a source of controversy a device that filters a truck's exhaust.

"When the exhaust stream comes out, there's 85-percent less particulate matter comes out the stack," said Ganduglia.

The filters cost up to $10-thousand dollars. Under proposed state rules truckers would have to cut their emissions and could be forced to install the filters beginning in 2010. A coalition of concerned truckers held a news conference Thursday morning. Charlie Simpson with Peterbilt said all trucking companies would have to spend millions in a short amount of time to meet the guidelines.

Simpson said, "With the proposed rule, we know we need it. We all support it. We just got to make it in a way we can survive it."

Heavy duty diesel trucks have been identified as a large pollution source. The California Environmental Protection Agency wants to cut down the Valley's notorious smog. Regulators posted the proposed rules on line and wrote.

"The regulation is projected to achieve significant emission reductions, but at a significant cost to affected fleets. The scope of the proposed regulation is broad. It would affect about 170,000 California businesses in most sectors of the State's economy, and almost a million vehicles."

Truckers warn their vehicles supply food to the nation. If they spend more meeting new regulations ... you'll be paying for it at the dinner table.

Truckers plan to gather in Sacramento next Thursday. At that time ... state regulators will hold a public hearing to gather input on the proposed regulations.


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