Fresno PD Investigates Three Shootings

Fresno, CA, USA No word on a victim's condition at this time. And at 10 p.m. police found another shooting victim at Fruit and Belmont in West Central Fresno. Police say that victim was shot in the leg.

In Northeast Fresno, a seventeen year old boy was shot at an apartment complex near Fresno and San Jose. He's now in critical condition.

Patrol cars are spread out for blocks in every direction and a police helicopter has been overhead.

They are looking for whoever shot the young man who lives in this apartment complex.

Police say the 17 year old was shot in the leg, and is in critical condition. Officers are scouring the apartment complex trying to piece together what happened.

Sgt. Rob Beckwith from the Fresno Police Dept. said, "We're still attempting to ascertain all of that information but it does appear there was some type of disturbance prior to the subject being shot."

"Well, I was walking right there, and I heard a shot ... and it was a real loud shot and it scared me because I've been shot before. So, you know, like kind of scared, and I ducked and almost started running on my crutches. And, that's just it and it scared me," said Donnie Grooms.

An 18 year old man is being questioned police believe he may be a witness. Residents of the complex told us they saw two men running away after they heard the shot.

Police have not released a description of the suspect or suspects involved. The name of the wounded teen has not been released. Again, police say he was shot in the leg and is hospitalized in critical conditions.


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