Investigation into Netherlands Plane Crash Continues

London As dawn breaks over Amsterdam's main airport, forensic teams pore over the wreckage for clues. There is still no official word on what caused flight 1951 to suddenly crash just 2-miles short of the runway as it was making its final approach. But there are theories.

"We certainly have no direct evidence that there was a bird strike involved in this accident at the moment, but it certainly would be one of the reasons why the pilots could've lost power," said aviation expert David Learmount.

One eyewitness said the Boeing 737 dropped out of the sky like a stone. "All the pieces are hanging down, there are people screaming, who are stuck asking for help to get out. Luckily there was no smoke anywhere."

The airplane was going to land, one survivor said, then we felt a swing and it tried to rise again, that didn't succeed, and it hard the ground very hard.

7 Americans were on board the Turkish airlines flight, 4 of them Boeing employees from Seattle.

Looking at the pictures, it's hard to believe that anyone survived the crash but the majority of the passengers did. And some of them just walked off the plane.

Others weren't so lucky. At least 9 people were killed including the 3 pilots. It took hours for rescue workers to remove their bodies.

The data and flight recorders have now been recovered and will be studied in Paris.

According to a Dutch official the investigation at the scene of the crash should take a few days, after which the wreckage will be removed.

A preliminary report could be released in a few weeks.


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