Bizarre News-Condom Caravan

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) - West Virginia University intros the Condom Caravan next Tuesday. Students will have their pick of 30 varieties for a quarter apiece, or five for a buck. But the real steal is on Thrifty Thursdays, when condoms are just a dime each all day. WVU's Student Health Service is supporting the Condom Caravan as a way of promoting safer sex on campus.

MCLEAN, Va. (AP) - William Taylor cheated on his wife. Now, the rest of the world knows, too. The northern Virginia man endured a very public punishment for his infidelity. He's been wearing a sign that says, "I cheated this is my punishment." This week, Taylor was standing at a busy intersection in a Washington suburb. At first, Taylor says he thought his wife was kidding about the sign. Now, Taylor says he's willing to suffer public disgrace to make things right.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - It's a garage sale as big as California -- in fact it's the Great California Garage Sale. The cash-strapped state is selling surplus and unclaimed property at a warehouse in the capital of Sacramento. Everything from cars to jewelry is being sold today and tomorrow. Bargain hunters will even have a chance to buy surplus prison shirts and jeans. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing his bit to help entice buyers. He's autographed 15 car visors in an effort to fetch higher bids on the vehicles.

AMSTERDAM (AP) - Dutch museum officials are caught between a rock and a hard place -- over a moon rock. The bit of stone was supposedly returned to Earth by Apollo astronauts. But museum officials now say their moon rock is a phony. An investigation by the national museum has revealed the prized possession is just piece of petrified wood. But the museum isn't getting rid of its now debunked moon rock. It's being kept as a curiosity.

PATCHOGUE, N.Y. (AP) - Authorities report a phony cop picked the wrong driver to try to pull over. Police on New York's Long Island charge Luther Scott flashed an NYPD patch and tried to stop a real off-duty Suffolk County police officer. Authorities say Scott took off when he saw the officer's genuine badge. But the off-duty officer took down the license plate number. Scott was busted yesterday and charged with criminal impersonation.

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Looks like there's going to be a plea deal in the "sexting" case involving a former Kansas police officer. Calvin Schaffer had arrested a woman on drunken driving charges. He was accused of sending her naked pictures of himself from a police department computer. Federal prosecutors charge Schaffer offered to try to get the DUI charges dropped in exchange for sex. At a hearing yesterday, prosecutors told a federal judge they expect the case to be resolved with a plea agreement.

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