Bizarre News-Armored Car Spill

BOWIE, Md. (AP) - It wasn't pennies from heaven -- but coins from an armored truck. Police in a Washington, D.C. suburb had to shut down a highway Tuesday morning after a load of coins dropped from the truck. The southbound side of U.S. Route 301 in Bowie, Md., was closed to traffic for about an hour to clean up the money spill. Police say the back door of the armored car apparently wasn't closed properly. Police aren't sure how much money was scattered on the highway. But authorities say it was just coins, no bills.

DENVER (AP) - What can Brown do for you? How about racking up thousands in parking tickets. The Denver Post reports a single UPS delivery truck is the champion of local parking violations. The truck was ticketed 196 times last year, with fines totaling nearly $5,700. UPS spokesman Mark Dickens notes parking tickets are a cost of doing business in some cities.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The day of the triples nines was a lucky one for nine couples. They were married at the 99 Cents store in Hollywood, yesterday -- 9-9-09. They won their bargain store weddings as part of a promotion. The couples paid 99 cents each for their five-minute ceremonies. There were 99-cent flowers, balloons and crepe paper. Even a 99-cent buffet. But the store is promising accommodations at an upscale hotel for the honeymoons.

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) - You usually don't think of Allentown, Pa. as being gator country. But authorities in Allentown report police and animal control officers have captured a 6-foot alligator that was sunning itself in a city park. Police were tipped by a passer-by who saw the big reptile. Officers pinned the 130-pound alligator and taped its snout shut. It was taken to a reptile farm in the Poconos. Police believe the park gator might have been set loose by someone who had kept it as a pet.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) - For nearly 70 years, Stockwell Hall at the University of Michigan had been for women only. No more. The old dorm has gotten a co-ed makeover. It reopens this week after a nearly $40 million renovation. Besides men, Stockwell Hall now features upgraded plumbing, air conditioning and wireless Internet access.

CINCINNATI (AP) - It's a big fight over a little dog. Two Cincinnati women are suing the owner of a missing Chihuahua over a disputed reward. Carmen Dominguez and Sheila Miller charge they never received an advertised $1,000 reward for returning the little pooch named Wilfred. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports the two women say they spotted the dog as it was about dart into traffic and picked it up. It had no tags. Weeks later, the women say they saw an online ad offering a $1,000 reward and returned it. They're charging fraud and seek up to $15,000 in damages. Defendant Lynn Creech says she won't pay because her daughter's Chihuahua was stolen.

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