Iraq Bombing Death Toll Increases

BAGDAD Cell phone video caught the moment that bombs devastated central Baghdad. The bombs were placed to cause maximum damage and timed to cause mass casualties.

The government blames Saddam loyalists trained by Al Qaeda.

"The closer we get to elections the more active these cells of Al Qaeda will commit more crimes across the country," said Member of Parliament Mouwaffak Rubaie.

The bombs struck at two ministries controlled by Prime Minister Maliki's ruling Dawa party.

Most here believe the insurgent's aim is to disrupt the upcoming elections with attacks striking at the core of political power.

These were massive bombs, as much as 1,500 pounds each and a police source tells us the attackers may have used powerful C4 explosives. Just how they got through checkpoints throughout the city is a huge question.

Monday, Iraqis buried their dead. Family members held one another and cried. The scenes all too familiar here.

"We have one quiet week," said one woman, "The next week things get worse. The security situation never changes."

Iraqi officials expect more attacks leading up to the January elections but they DO NOT expect the US to step up and provide more security nationwide.

The US military is providing some forensic and security assistance for but shows no sign of increasing patrols in Baghdad or slowing down its withdrawal.

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