Wine-Tasting Facility Opens in Madera

Madera, Calif. In a newly refurbished home off Highway 99 in Madera visitors will be able to sample locally produced wines.

General Manager Nicole Darraco hopes to educate the public, starting with the company name "Appellation California." Darraco explained, "Appellation is a technical wine term defining a distinct area in which the grapes are grown."

Napa's known as wine country but grapes grown here in the Valley have long been sought by popular labels. Darraco said, "It features the big national brands like Beringer, Gallo, Meridian."

This wine-tasting room allows local wineries like Ficklin Vineyards to reach a wider customer base by featuring its wines in the new facility.

Jeremy Medeiros, the Tasting Room Manager for Ficklin Vineyards, said, "We don't feel they're competition at all. We're all working towards the same goal of wine awareness."

Ficklin Vineyards still ages some of its wine in barrels which date back to the 1940's. Medeiros added, "In the Valley we grow so many grapes but yet people don't know about us so it raises awareness that hey, in your own backyard we're making the grapes for the big names out there."

Appellation California also aims to steer customers to the local wineries where they can take tours.

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