Fresno County GOP Hit with $29,000 Fine

FRESNO, Calif. The head of the committee was planning to step down, but now he said he will stay on and fix the problems that led to the fine.

A supportive but subdued group gathered in the Fresno County Central Committee office as the party's chair, Dr. Aps Sidhu faced the media about the F.P.P.C.'s actions.

Dr. Sidhu, Fresno Co. Rep. Committee Chair said, "The issue has harmoniously been resolved by all the parties."

The issue was first accepting more than $82,000 dollars from an old campaign fund for San Diego County Congressman Joel Anderson. Then, a short time later sending almost $79,000 thousand bucks to Anderson's 2010 campaign committee.

The violation has the Fresno G.O.P. paying a $29,000 dollar fine to the California Fair Political Practices Committee.

"We have not, we didn't do anything intentional," said Dr. Sidhu.

Action News Political Analyst, Tony Capozzi suggests the incident could hurt future Republican candidates in the Fresno County. "What it does do is open up the door for Democratic candidates to criticize any endorsement by the Republican committee and with this chair."

The F.P.P.C.'s investigation resulted in large fines to both Assemblyman Anderson and the Fresno G.O.P. Central Committee.

Dr. Sidhu acknowledged the costly mistake saying it was out of ignorance of campaign law and a sloppy transition to leadership. "New procedures and policies in place, and protocols, that in future this thing does not happen, even innocently."

Dr. Sidhu added, in the future there will be checks and balances to insure this never happens again.

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