Valley Volunteers Heading To Haiti

January 17, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Since the earthquake hit, people all over the world, including here in the Valley, are stepping in to help. One man is flying to Haiti to look for loved ones.

Other volunteers who have never been to the region say, they will give up everything just to go and help.

Spending countless hours on their computer and phones, Alex Ainley and his roommate Brandon Weaver have spent the past four days trying to figure out how to get from Fresno to Haiti.

"There's a need there and there's certain areas of that need we can fill, at least we feel we can fill."

"When I watch the news, when I read the paper, when I see the images and the video, there's something within me that says it's time to do something."

Ainley is a certified emergency medical technician, and weaver works with children at a school in Reedley. Together, they plan on bringing medical supplies to the areas devastated by Tuesday's massive quake.

But the process hasn't been easy. The trip will likely cost them more than a thousand dollars each.

And they've contacted most of the international help organizations, who have asked for money instead of volunteers. The two hope to fly back east on Friday and leave for Haiti with a group who can get them in.

"And we've actually got a couple of doctors in New York taking supplies there that we're hoping to piggy back with."

Peterson Georges' journey from Fresno to Haiti starts Sunday morning. He and his wife Sarah live in Haiti, but came to Fresno last month to give birth to their baby girl, Taberah.

The two don't know if their apartment still stands. And although Peterson learned today that his immediate family is safe, he's returning home to search for the others.

"I'm going to start digging and help the people cleaning the houses but I just don't who will be under the cement. It could be my uncles, my aunts, my cousins."

Peterson left from LAX Sunday morning, he hopes to make his way into Haiti by Monday. As for the roommates we spoke to, they plan on booking their flight within the next day or two.