Haiti: Food and Water in High Demand

January 16, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Signs point the way for relief workers who were coming to Haiti to help hundreds of thousands of hungry and homeless survivors of Tuesday's terrible earthquake.Four days after the massive quake, the Haitian government said it had recovered 20,000 bodies and expects the death toll to climb above 100,000.

The victims include at least 16 Americans.

Four days after the disaster, the now homeless still wait for relief.

"Thank God my family is ok but my money is finished."

Buildings still smolder and loved ones travel the streets--in caskets. Rubble is being removed. Life resumes and so does the search for it.

Search and Rescue reported more recoveries today.

"Someone inside texted. That's the report."

The Miami Dade Fire Department is still looking for more.

Cassandra had been looking for her best friend. She found her today in the park, where she now lives and said, "I pray for her everyday and then I see her. I am so happy."

Happiness here can be as simple as a bottle of water. "Some water for her baby. I don't know her. I try to help her."

The government has collapsed. The presidential palace is now surrounded by thousands of tents with people living in sheets and sticks.

"You have no food for your babies? No food for my babies"

He is living in the park with his wife and two baby girls.

"I used to work...I lost everything."

Aid continues to arrive, just not fast enough.