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We learned about the effort along Friant Road northeast of Fresno where Ron Nishinaka, Tree Fresno' Projects Director, explained the process of reforesting open lands there adjacent to the San Joaquin River, "This is a seedling or sapling of a valley oak." He told us there are three kinds of Oak trees native to this area and all are being planted to help restore the area to pre-cattle days.

Under occasional rain drops Nishinaka and Fortunato Garcia were preparing for one hundred fifty family volunteers this weekend. They signed up to help plant the tiny seedlings. Garcia is Tree Fresno's planting supervisor, "When our volunteers come out here we'll have a planting demonstration, showing them the step by steps." With only a few steps to follow and all the tools and materials already nearby he expects things to go well for these volunteers.

They are new volunteers thanks to Disney's "Give a Day - Get a Disney D" with a one day park pass for every certified volunteer over the age of six. Tree Fresno has added a thousand volunteers who signed up as families to participate. Once their volunteer day is certified by Tree Fresno they'll get those Disney Day passes. And their work will support this continuing project as well as new ones.

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