Chess What Matters

FRESNO, Calif. Organized competitive chess started in the 16-Century.

Players claim it takes minutes to learn but years to master.

Well, Saturday afternoon in Clovis 100 players had the chance to square off one by one against International Master Sofia Polgar and her older sister Susan Polgar an International Grandmaster.

"I'm sure there's some kind of anxiety but on the otherhand it's an experience to play a former world champion and it's hopefully a lifelong experience for them," said Susan.

Sophia added: "It's a great way to interact and make new friends."

Both sisters, who are world renowned and top of their fields, acknowledged they can be a bit intimidating and so does their competition.

"They're human beings but their skill level is something I aspire to," said teacher P.R. Gaffney.

10-year old Gunho Moon said he was probably going to lose pretty fast because: "I'm not so good at chess." He added, "My dad wanted me to play."

However, 10-year old Gunho Moon said he is excited to participate.

These sisters will alternate moves on each board until the game is over and they cannot discuss strategy. This is the first time they've ever been challenged this way.

Susan said: "It's more of a challenge than if we were to play separately on 50 boards each because our styles are different."

Sophia followed: "Some people are more aggressive style, attacking players like myself and my sister is more of a strategical person."

The Fresno Chess Club along with sponsors raised $5,000 to bring these two woman here.

At the center of this friendly tournament play there is a lesson.

"This is something they can take out to life and whatever they do afterwards…this is going to help them. And it helps the focus and the sportsmanship," said Sophia.

There are plans to bring these sisters back but next time along with the third Polgar sister who is also a chess prodigy.

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