Destination Imagination promotes creativity

FRESNO, Calif. About 650 students participated in the Destination Imagination tournament at Buchanan High School Saturday.

Students from Garfield Elementary acted out skits they've worked on since the fall creating props and their own scripts to tell a story based on a real life event.

They also had to build a structure completely out of newsprint and glue and then see how much weight it could handle.

The goal of Destination Imagination is to promote teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity.

"And they also learn the concept of solving a problem with very tight perimeters while still being encouraged to look beyond the rules and what we call think outside the box. 56 and it's that thinking outside the box that gives you the best solutions to even everyday problems," Sharon Kissel said.

Students from all grade levels are invited to participate in Destination Imagination.

After Saturday's tournament, some will qualify to go on to a state competition and then, perhaps eve nationals in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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