Fresno wants its Google Fiber

FRESNO, Calif.

The city is competing to be a test market for Google fiber.

And Monday, the city has set up "outreach stations" to get more people involved in the campaign.

Fresno is competing with cities that have done things like rename themselves "Google" But city officials say they will rely on the internet and people's creativity in order to win.

This you-tube video is just one of the ways the city of Fresno hopes to bring Google's experimental high-speed internet service to the area.

Fresno is among hundreds of cities throughout the country applying to be a test market for the new broadband network, which is supposed to be 100 times faster than the average home internet connection.

"We've got this opportunity, we're going for it as a city and there's lots of ways for people in Fresno to get involved and help us win this contest."

City officials are encouraging more people to upload videos like this to a Google Fiber Fresno YouTube group as well as post "I want my Google fiber" on Facebook.

On Monday, the city will host outreach stations at City Hall and Fresno State to help people get involved.

"I think for Google people to get interested in Fresno, you have to come up with something that goes beyond the traditional fast internet, you know watching movies, video sky ping with your friends in Italy."

Fresno state information systems professor, Dr. Tom Wielicki says not only will Google Fiber be beneficial for students who take online classes; it could also help bring tale-commuters to the area.

"Bring jobs regardless of your location of your employment because work is not where you go, it's what you do."

But Fresno has some valley competition, Clovis, Merced, and Modesto have already launched their own Google fiber campaigns.

Something Mayor Ashley Swearengin says she's ready for.

"We've got to make Google know that Fresno is serious about this, that we'll make a way for them, should they choose our community, and we will make their fiber network work here in Fresno."

Google will choose 100 cities.

The application deadline is March 26th.

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