Bedbug Control without Pesticides

FRESNO, Calif. The national pest management association has reported a 71 percent increase in bedbug infestations in the United States since 2001. There are new ways to get rid of these pests.

This isn't obedience class. With these dogs, the nose knows where tiny bedbugs are hiding.

"A lot of our dogs are rescue dogs," Jose Peruyero told Ivanhoe.

They search an entire hotel room in one to two minutes.

"We want to, ideally, have a dog detect as few as one egg or one bedbug in a room," Peruyero said.

The canine nose is just one weapon in the fight against a growing problem -- bedbug infestations in homes, hotels, nursing homes and even movie theaters.

Dr. Phil Koehler and his team developed a pesticide-free system to kill an infestation. It works like a bedbug oven.

"The idea is that it only takes about 113 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bedbugs," Koehler explained.

He builds a styrofoam box around infested furniture, heats the enclosed area to about 140 degrees with a space heater and waits. The entire process takes two to five hours, with no damage to furniture. In nine of 11 tests, the system killed 100 percent of the bedbugs.

The cost of the entire reusable system is 300 dollars. This is science that saves money and leaves no room for unwanted guests.

Commercial treatment for a typical hotel room costs 300 to 800 dollars and takes about 12 hours. Doctor Koehler says using oil-based space heaters eliminates the risk of fire. Standard ways to get rid of bedbugs involve replacing furniture or using pesticides.

Jose "Pepe" Peruyero, CEO
J & K Canine Academy
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