Pregnant Reedley murder suspect allowed to see her own doctor

FRESNO, Calif.

19-year-old Megan Martzen is 7 months pregnant with her first child. She's also accused of killing a 17-month-old while she was caring for the child last year.

Megan Martzen's attorney claims she is continuing to lose weight and now weighs three pounds less than she did before she even got pregnant. Even though she will now be allowed to see her own private doctor, her attorney says she's having a rough time in jail.

Megan Martzen's growing stomach showed more clearly in court Thursday. Her attorney says within the next week she will be transported to see her own doctor ... all while the murder case against her moves forward. A judge is allowing Martzen to seek private medical care as long as she pays for the doctor bills and costs for two bailiffs to drive her to the appointment.

Outside court Attorney Jeff Hammerschmidt said his client wants to have a healthy baby and is eating -- but claims some jail staff are not following medical orders.

Hammerschmidt said, "Some of the stuff the jail medical staff is ordering is not being provided. For example there are certain meals that are different. Additional quantities of food it's been sporadic as to when it's being provided and the amount that's being provided. She was ordered to have extra milk. There was a long delay even getting extra milk to her. There are times the extra milk is not delivered and she's told that's too bad."

Jail officials dispute those claims. The watch commander tells Action News regarding Martzen quote: "She is receiving proper medical care. Jail staff is following medical orders."

Martzen is accused of killing 17-month-old Ella Van Leeuwen. The coroner's report found the toddler died from blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen.

Martzen's attorney says the mother-to-be has been the target of hostility from some jail staff and other inmates. He suspects it's due to the nature of crime she's being held to answer for.

"There was one inmate who when she was coming to visit me spit on her. And when a short time later when another inmate was defending her saying you shouldn't do that, that inmate said in front of the pod, and everybody, if I see her again out of her cell, I'll kick her in the gut," said Hammerschmidt.

Next week Hammerschmidt is prepared to ask for a bail reduction. He wants Martzen to be able to return home until the baby is born. Martzen is due to deliver in late August. I asked him if his client is ready to give birth and then return to jail. He said if she must, she is willing to do so. The baby would then be in the care of Martzen's husband.

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