Soldiers return home in Lemoore

FRESNO, Calif.

Rain and windy conditions delayed the incoming flights Saturday forcing the families to wait a little bit longer to see their brave sailors come back from war.

It was an afternoon of eager anticipation.

"I'm so nervous, my stomach is in knots, my heart is beating really fast," Renee Haycraft said.

Renee, a navy sailor herself, is waiting for her husband Stephen Haycraft so he could meet 5-month-old Daisy May for the first time.

"It's hard, it really is, we miss him a lot."

Then, finally, the moment everyone has waited months for, two C-40 navy passenger planes arrive from San Diego bringing with them nearly 200 heroes.

It's a moment full of overwhelming emotion for Stephen Haycraft and for all the others in this sea of tears, hugs and kisses.

"I feel like it's been forever, but it went by pretty fast," Vincent Perry said.

The sailors served as support teams. Providing back up from the air for their military brothers and sisters on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"We basically turn what might be a fair fight into an unfair fight," Patrick Greene said.

This mission is complete and it's time for some rest

These sailors are part of the strike force squadron's 2, 137 and 151. They were stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln which is headed back to Washington soon.

Another round of about 100 sailors from this group also came home Saturday night.

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