Stop Snoring ... For Good!

FRESNO, Calif.

In fact, there are more than 300 devices registered with the U.S. patent and trademark office to help people get a quiet night's sleep. Now, a new procedure is silencing the snoring once and for all.

Even if you think you don't.... chances are you do. About 55 million Americans snore. Larry Ellis is not one of them anymore.

"I was in need of some help," Ellis told Ivanhoe.

After 15 years of sawing logs, Jay Lamm is getting the Pillar procedure.

"My wife would wear ear plugs and taco the pillow around her head every night," Lamm told Ivanhoe.

Four to six tiny polyester implants are placed into his soft palate. The implants add support, reducing the tissue vibration that causes snoring.

"These implants are like putting a batten on a sail to stiffen it," Matthew Mingrone, M.D., medical director of Sereno: The Center for Snoring Solutions in San Francisco, told Ivanhoe.

Done under local anesthesia, the entire procedure takes 15 minutes. Some patients deal with sore throats for a few days afterward. Results can be heard within days, but improvements can take up to six months.

"This is absolutely can be life-changing," Dr. Mingrone told Ivanhoe.

"I can breathe better through my nose. It's so good now. In the evening when I go to sleep, I can breathe through my nose," Ellis told Ivanhoe.

The procedure costs $3,500 but can be a permanent fix. Still, consistent snorers can make lifestyle changes to curb their condition. Smoking, alcohol, and stress can cause snoring.

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