FYI Airport shows off new body scanners

FRESNO, Calif.

FYI and other airports have gone through drastic security increased over the past decade since 9/11. Many of those changes can be an inconvenience for passengers, like having to remove shoes and other clothing.

But the addition of body scanners created the most controversy because TSA screeners could see an image of passengers' bodies through their clothing. "I don't know exactly what they're looking at, they say they're not looking at body parts, but how do I know that," said air traveler Sherrell Hilgrith.

The TSA says passengers no longer have to worry about privacy issues with updated body scanners that have new software designed to be less invasive.

"Now, it's one generic image for every passenger, and allows us to identify the anomalies on every passenger with a little yellow box," said TSA spokesman Nico Melendez. The body scanners will continue to detect metallic and non-metallic weapons, including explosive devices. But one universal body image will be shown to everyone.

"There's no mystery involved, there's no private room where our security officers are looking at the image," said Melendez. "It's all open to the public right at the security checkpoint."

TSA hopes the technology gives passengers one less concern while going through airport security. But there have been several reports critical of the scanners' accuracy to detect explosives, something TSA says is a non-issue.

"We know the machines work and we know that they do what we need them to do to maintain the level of security that we hope for," said Melendez.

FYI is just one of 80 airports across the nation that already have the new software in place.

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