Fresno's RaceRoom cranks up the competition

FRESNO, Calif.

According to /*RaceRoom*/ officials the new state-of-the-art facility in /*Fresno's River Park*/ shopping center is not an arcade.

Darrell Edwards, Director of North America said, "No. No it's not. Our company heritage goes back years and years with racing. We're licensed for these 31 international racetracks as well as the 72 cars."

Already a proven commodity in Europe. RaceRoom has chosen Fresno for its first North American location.

"The owner lived in the Central Valley for 2.5 years. He loves the Valley," said Edwards. "We said this is the place we want to open it. We truly believe it will be a big success in Fresno."

29 PC-based simulators allow drivers to race on their choice of international racetracks in their choice of car. Racing enthusiasts say the course conditions and the correlating reactions from car suspensions are spot on.

"This is pretty cool," said Zach Eurich, racing enthusiast. "It's pretty realistic from what I can tell. And the course from racing Laguna Seca on my bike and then doing it on this, it's pretty spot on."

Outside of competition, RaceRoom has already proven its versatility as a tool for everyday life.

Edwards said, "We can adjust it for whatever that particular person wants to do."

Including helping teenagers get ready for their first experience behind the wheel.

"There was a 15-year-old girl here with her mother and brother and she's actually a little afraid with what's coming up with driving. Not knowing how to handle speed or the feeling of that. Or turning into a turn and maybe losing control. She was really fearful, and she got really good," said Edwards. "In fact she beat her little brother."

"You can set it on automatic. You can put it in a third person kind of view for the camera," said Eurich. It's fun and it's pretty easy to pick up."

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