Chilly weather expected during hot sports weekend

FRESNO, Calif.

High school runners and their supporters braved the cold temperatures today for the cross-country league championships at Fresno's Woodward Park.

"It's a little colder, however, the heat makes you feel a lot more dead, like you get more dry mouth -- and then the cold weather, you just feel more alive," said Clovis High School runner Ani Walker.

Ideal running conditions especially for Sunday's marathon.

"We'll be getting wet out here but the runners, they're use to running in the wind, rain and cold," said John Ganahl, race director for the Two Cities Marathon. Crews have been setting up for the half and full marathon in Fresno and Clovis. Organizers say the cold weather won't turn away any of the 6,000 runners who've registered but they hope the spectator bleachers aren't empty.

"We're going to have a lot of music out there to keep them motivated but the people that come out along the race course really motivate the runners. So we would encourage anybody that's near there to step out and cheer them on," said Ganahl.

Crowds attending the Fresno State football game against Louisiana Tech Saturday night will also have to bear temperatures that could drop into the 40s.

"Right now, there are about 25,000 tickets out the door so obviously we still have good seats still available but this is the first time it's going to be football weather. I mean this is the first game that we're going to be wearing sweaters and sweatshirts and things of that nature," said Paul Ladwig with the Fresno State Athletic Department.

"I'm just looking for a hat, just for something to keep my ears warm," said Pat Moebs. Bulldog fans were out buying beanies, sweaters and scarves to keep warm while cheering for their team. The cold and windy conditions won't keep die-hard fans away.

"It don't bother me, but I'm only 70 years old," said Bulldogs fan Charles Allison.

Rain or shine, people say they will be out bundled up with multiple layers ready to support their team Saturday night and be up early Sunday morning to cheer on the runners.

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