Get a shopping strategy for Black Friday

FRESNO, Calif.

But before you shop until you drop, there are some shopping strategies so you can score the best deals and stay on budget.

One is to sit down at home or with a credit counselor and decide on a holiday spending budget.

"You don't want to go without a strategy because you'll like everything you see and you'll everything you see is a great deal. It's a very emotional and very exciting time," Elias Delgado of Clearpoint Financial Solutions said.

Delgado also says know beforehand whether you'll be using cash, credit or layaway.

Make a list of not just who to buy for but exactly what you'll buy for them - and stick to it.

"Because we spend money on either A, we don't have or B, we could be using for other purposes, things that we need, like paying our bills," Delgado said.

Joseph In has been saving up all year for Black Friday. He's shopped around, and decided the doorbusters at the Best Buy in Clovis were most worth his time and money.

"Waiting for the 42-inch screen sharp for $200 and also the PS3, which is also for $200," In said.

Store associates will be busy preparing too.

"We are going to go down the line, prior to opening go down ask what they're here for, give them a ticket for the item they're here for," Kenny Lowe of the Best Buy in Clovis said.

Along with the big screen HDTVs, other hot sellers will include video game consoles bundled with games and accessories, DVDs for a dollar, and this season's number-one requested item: tablet computers. One from Acer is on sale for $189.99.

Lowe says your phone can be your best friend for finding deals. There are a lot of apps for that.

Say you're shopping for an Apple iPod touch. An 8GB model is normally about $229. Come black Friday you can go through all of the individual stores circulars or you can have them all at your fingertips.

Here I found the same iPod touch, it's going to be on sale for $189.99.

If you want to keep shopping around, there's another app called Black Friday by Fat Wallet. It actually compiles all the Black Friday deals from all major retailers.

Not sure you're getting the best price at the store you're at? Well two apps called and the find can help with that.

Both apps work by scanning bar cades of products and telling you the best prices in stores in your area. And finally there's one more app you should fire up right before checkout and that way you'll find any extra coupons for any extra savings.

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