Nine-year-old boy critically wounded in drive-by shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

The drive-by shooting took place in front of a relative's home at Inyo and Pottle in Southwest Fresno.

The boy's mother and other family remained at the hospital overnight, praying for his recovery.

Action News found the wounded boy's aunt, Charlotte Marie Brown sitting on a street corner, down the street from the shooting scene, crying in grief.

"Why would something like that happen to my nephew?" she asked.

Charlotte told us the family was at her sister's house for Thanksgiving, when they heard a series of loud bangs, the thought were fireworks.

Fresno Police Lt. Tom Roe explains what happened: "There was a large group of family and friends at this residence for the holiday. The juvenile was outside in a cul de sac area, when the shots were fired."

Charlotte says the boy was apparently shot while sitting in the backseat of a relatives parked car.

"We walk outside and my niece is by my daughters car, she opens the door and my nephew is in the back seat. She pulled him out the backseat of my daughters car, his eyes was closed."

Investigators found shell casings in the street about 30 yards from where the youngster was shot.

There's no way of knowing if he was a target, or if it was a random act of violence. His aunt said: "He don't bother nobody. He's just an innocent bystander."

Police believe whoever fired the shots was in a dark SUV with large chrome wheels. Dozens of officers are working on the case overnight.

While praying for her nephew his aunt is also hoping for justice.

"Whoever did this to my nephew, it's gonna come to you," she said.

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