Sources say Tim DeRuyter will be the next Fresno State head coach

FRESNO, Calif.

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Rumors started swirling outside Fresno State's Duncan building Tuesday. For hours, athletic department officials met inside Pat Hill's former office. One official told Action News DeRuyter was in town, leading many to believe he's already been offered the head coaching job.

Fans we spoke to say, they hope A & M's current defensive coordinator has what it takes to turn Fresno State's football program around.

Jason Dhillon of Fresno said, "Well, defense is one side of the team, so we'll see what he can really do. I can't say if he'll be bad or great, so we'll see what happens."

Kelly Johnston of Fresno said, "Back when hill first started, they were a powerhouse team, they've just got boring. They need to call some new plays, they need to start passing the football."

The new head coach will face a number of financial obstacles. This year's average attendance at games was the lowest since 1984. During that time, the university reports season ticket sales are down by 42 percent, and there's been a 25 percent drop in ticket revenue.

On top of all that, Fresno State still has to shell out more than 250-thousand dollars a year -- to cover half of Pat Hill's salary. He still has two years left on his contract, and will continue receiving payments from the school until he lands another job. Despite all that, some Bulldog supporters say they stand the school's decision and will welcome DeRuyter with open arms.

Amanda Giel of Fresno said, "I think it will be a new change, I think a lot of students will be open to it. It is a new thing, he has been here for a while, but I think they're open to new changes."

An official announcement will likely be made Wednesday.

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