Shoppers flock to stores on day after Christmas

FRESNO, Calif.

The sun was barely up when shoppers took to local retailers for post-Christmas deals.

Some, like Sara Hernandez, showed up half an hour before retailers opened.

"The early morning sales and everything's cheap and they want to get rid of stuff and I'm poor so it's the best time to go," Hernandez said.

Target at River Park opened its doors at 7 a.m. Inside, shoppers took full advantage of deep discounts on Christmas wrapping paper and other holiday items.

According to the National Retail Federation, retailers saw bigger-than-expected numbers this holiday season with a projected $469.1 billion dollars in sales.

Traditionally the day after Christmas is especially popular for people looking to save big - and Laura Martin makes sure she's one of those savers.

"We actually started at Kohl's at 5 in the morning and then went to JC Penny's at 6 and then came here at 7," Martin said.

Across the country, millions of gift cards are expected to be used and retailers prepared for long lines for gift returns.

At River Park's Target, though, the customer service line was small. Employees credit the increasing popularity of gift cards for reducing return lines.

The discounts were big enough to wake up shoppers early to get the post-Christmas gifts they needed.

"My wife got me a gift she bought me a new iPhone 4 so we thought we'd just get up early before the crowds start and come out," shopper Ray Brown said.

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