Clovis business wins major EPA award

FRESNO, Calif.

Valley Chrome Plating in Clovis is a family-owned business that makes truck bumpers and accessories.

It was honored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for reducing harmful chemicals by nine-thousand pounds, significantly protecting its workers and the environment.

The changes include replacing lead products with less harmful graphite.

Valley Chrome also discharges zero wastewater to public sewers thanks to an in-house recycling system.

The EPA says this type of award is rare.

"This is like the Academy Awards of environmental awards for EPA. It's a big deal. We give it to very few companies. This one has done an outstanding job getting rid of toxic metals and we are proud to be here in Clovis today," Jaren Blumenfeld of the EPA said.

Innovations used by the company have saved it thousands of dollars in waste treatment costs, hauling fees and reduced energy consumption. Plus, the innovations still allow the company to be competitive.

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