Chowchilla Western Stampede and Rodeo kicks off


A small but dedicated group of die hard fans lined Robertson Boulevard for the annual cattle drive Wednesday morning.

The rain had pushed back the start time about half an hour. But as luck would have it, the sun came out just in time for the Forcey family to enjoy the show. "Rain or shine. It's great out here. We even have the umbrellas. You've got your sweatshirts. We're good."

Heather Forcey grew up in Chowchilla but now lives in Clovis with her two sons. For their family coming out here for the past 30 years is all about tradition. "It's fun. Where else do you get to see 300 cows run down the middle of Main Street. This is small town America. So you can't beat it."

This event kicks off a five day stretch filled with exciting activities. Organizers say people can expect a great time in the North Valley this week.

Chairman, Shane Barnes told Action News, "There's a lot of vendors. There's a lot hot action. It's not quite a rodeo. We don't have the rough stock events. But we do have teen roping. We had the bell racing last weekend. So it's just a lot of fun. It's a big family event. A lot of families come and spend the whole weekend here."

And just like Wednesday each event at the fairgrounds will go on as scheduled -- rain or shine.

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