Hanford police searching for barber pole thief

FRESNO, Calif.

The universal sign for a barbershop is a red, white and blue pole.

But for one Hanford barber, it's the symbol that started his career. Now it's as if his identity was stolen too.

The police was an original fixture at Leonard Rodriguez's barber salon in Hanford for more than 30 years, but Leonard estimates it's actually around 60 years old.

It's been such a staple that this father-daughter barber team didn't immediately realize it was gone.

"It was hooked up to two anchored bolts. It had caps on the wires," Leonard said.

Those wires now stick out of the brick, leaving it up to the regulars to know when the barber is in.

"I guess shock at first. You just think, it's getting that bad? People are ripping things, wires and all out of your front door?" barber and hair stylist Sally Rodriguez-McLean said.

Sally and her father filed a police report. Investigators say its anyone's guess as to why one would steal someone else's piece of history.

"It really is sad, to see something like that disappear, it really does represent a lot," Sally said.

But she says it won't keep generations of clients from buzzing in.

Investigators are trying to follow leads but so far they don't have much.

If you have any information, Hanford police hope you'll call.

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