Three candidates in Dist. 2 Board of Supervisors race

FRESNO, California

The third candidate Debbie Harkness has stayed clear of the controversy. She is the owner of a behavioral health and substance abuse treatment center. "I may not be well known in the political realm, but I am well known in the community just as a person who truly cares about the community and actually does active work in the community."

Harkness believes her work helping over ten thousand families deal with mental health and substance abuse problems has her in touch with the needs of county residents, and how the county can address them. "Because it's not about money it's about policy changes." She said.

Larry fortune says it is about the money, and he has the business experience to help the county. "It all comes down to money. I would propose to the county the county allow the private sector to compete for the services the county provides."

Andreas Borgeas believes voters are looking for someone like him. "I think they are very excited that they know a game changer, that a bold new direction has to happen in Fresno county and I'd be the best suited to do that."

On the issues: Harkness supports high speed rail: "Fresno is going to benefit. No matter what. They are going to get jobs, it's going to bring in business, all kinds of change. Progressive change, it's going to put people back to work."

Fortune opposes high speed rail: "I don't believe the state of California can afford high speed rail."

While Borgeas will only say he has concerns about high speed rail. "I've offered some criticism on the high speed rail project."

On the proposal to mine Jesse Morrow Mountain, Fortune and Harkness are opposed.

Fortune said: "I just don't think we need Jesse Morrow Mountain in the mix."

Harkness said: "Why add more environmental impact and pollution to our air."

Borgeas isn't sure. "I haven't taken a position, I want to hear from all sides."

The three are competing for the seat being vacated by supervisor Susan Anderson. All three candidates will be on the primary ballot next Tuesday, June 5th.

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