Mementos taken from a Fresno County cemetery

FRESNO, Calif.

Ryan McCracken's mother felt a glass niche was a wonderful way to honor her son's memory. So, along with his urn, she included some special personal momentos.

A cross, Ryan's letter from Yosemite High School and his glasses are still here. But what is missing, is what meant the most.

Kellie McCracken said, "You know, he's gone and here we are mourning him still and somebody comes in and takes something from somebody that they don't even know or somebody who is supposed to be at peace."

Ryan's class ring from Yosemite High School was taken, along with the silver chain he wore often. Family members visited Ryan's niche around 5pm Monday and by Tuesday morning at 7am, groundskeepers found the broken glass.

"I hope that who did take it, thinks twice about their own family members who are laid at rest, and somebody coming in and taking something that were a treasure to them," Kellie McCracken said.

Cemetery officials would not reveal what security they have at the mausoleum. Fresno County sheriff's detectives are working to make an arrest, but more importantly find the stolen items for the grieving family.

Frank Harper with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office said, "This one, obviously because of the sensitive nature of a gravesite is probably going to upset a victim more than normal, we understand that, we're sensitive to that, which is why we take all these incidents with a high importance."

Ryan's family says another niche was also broken into and a wedding ring was taken. The sheriff's office says these are the only two reports they've taken recently at cemeteries.

Loved ones said they are grateful the thief didn't take Ryan's remains. But they say what amounts to a few dollars to a thief is priceless to them.

Ryan's ring is silver, with a blue stone. It's from the class of 2002 from Yosemite High School. Inside the ring, the name Ryan McCracken is also engraved. If you have any information, please call the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

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