Fresno cops focus on gangs, especially the Bulldogs

FRESNO, Calif.

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Fresno Police say even neighborhood traffic units, assigned to enforce traffic laws are turning their attention to gangs. Thursday afternoon, many officers devoted time making sure gang members are not carrying drugs or guns and are obeying all laws. Police Chief Jerry Dyer says in the past week, gang violence has reached a bold new level.

"The gang members we are seeing on the streets today are much more brazen," Chief Jerry Dyer said. "They are committing crime during day hours, we haven't seen for five years probably bulldog gang members. Barking at officers, we are starting to see that again."

In the past four days, four people have been killed in homicides in Fresno. The chief says most of the problems are from the city's largest gang, the Bulldogs. Officers say the Bulldogs are fighting with other gangs and themselves.

In the video, Action News reporter Sontaya Rose has complete coverage on the story.

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