Madera Co animal control transporting dozens of animals

FRESNO, Calif.

Animal control officers were called into the Madera County home located on Highway 41 just south of Avenue 12.

Sheriff's deputies initially found the 58-year old man dead at his home last Thursday.

Animal control officers spent Monday transporting dozens of cats from this home in Madera County into vans.

Officials say the owner died last week of natural causes and left no one to care for more than 100 cats and a handful of dogs.

"Not all these cats are cooperating, as you can see they're running all over the place. A lot of them are confined in enclosures so things are great. We'll take them first," Kirsten Gross of Madera Co. Animal Services said.

The rest of them will be trapped by animal control and volunteer groups.

Half will go to the Madera County animal shelter while the others will end up at the cats house on Kings in the Fresno County town of Parlier.

Many of the crates, cages, traps were borrowed from local animal groups. Volunteer Tim Whitmer says these cats deserve a good home.

"It's really a pretty nice operation for a clean up. It's just too bad that the man passed away we had to just liquidate it like this," Tim Whitmer of Friends of Madera Animal Shelter said.

The director of animal control says they are safe to adopt and they need to be adopted because there's just not enough room to house all of these animals for an extended period of time.

"One thing that we have going on right now which maybe is a good thing at Madera Animal Control is that we have a half price special on kitties. So this is maybe a little timely that you'll be able to adopt animals at half-price that are spayed, neutered, vaccinated ready for a new home. So hopefully someone will come in a adopt lots of cats today," Kirsten Gross said.

Gross admitted that the 58-year-old did a decent job of housing and taking care of the cats and dogs as best he could.

Animal control did find some sick cats and dead ones in the backyard, but since there's no ordinance in Madera County that would have prevented him from having so many pets officials say it's a moot point.

Their focus is getting the cats a new loving home.

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