Fresno State students head back to class

FRESNO, Calif.

For some new students, their major concern was navigating the large Fresno State campus. Info booths were set up around campus to help students find their way.

This fall, a record 3-thousand plus freshman students will attend classes this semester.

Over at the bookstore, students flowed through the doors buying supplies and textbooks.

"Probably 300, 400 dollars," Christian Maldonado said. "I mean there's other sources like the internet, amazon, you can buy stuff for cheaper, but there's also cheaper books here."

Besides buying or renting textbooks, new this semester for Fresno State students, they can download their course materials on their laptop or their tablet."

However, the main focus this school year remains back in the classroom. Enrollment has increased with more than 22-thousand students this fall and class sizes have also gotten bigger by ten percent.

ASI Student President Arthur Montejano said, "Hopefully we can find ways to continue to streamline and hopefully get those class sizes back down for students."

Administrators say this year they hope to increase awareness about the challenges for funding for public education. Come November, voters will weigh in on the governor's tax proposal.

V.P. of Student Affairs Dr. Paul Oliaro said, "We're concerned about prop 30 and the proposal for the tax increase and the future that it means for higher education."

Although there are future concerns, right now administrators say with record freshmen enrollment, the school year is off to a good start.

Fresno state is also providing a new food service this year. The school has added the Bulldog Bites Food Truck to allow students the chance to grab a quick bite around campus.

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