After Further Review

FRESNO, Calif.

Commissioner Craig Thompson visited the Central Valley for the first time ever this past weekend and attended the 'Dogs game against Hawaii. Fresno State, as you may already know, is tied atop the conference with a 5-1 record. But the transition into this new conference has helped with the additions of other teams that used to be in the WAC with our 'Dogs like a Hawaii. And that, Thompson says, that is the key to building up the Mountain West into a successful conference that can compete with those of their BCS counterparts.

"It's going to be fun, and that's going to be I think the strength of the Mountain West going forward. There's such a familiarity, I don't think there's a member institution in the Mountain West that Fresno State hasn't played probably at least 20 times in football. So we're kind of going to go back to the future and start re-familiarizing and draw from some of these past rivalries," said Thompson.

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