Father and son killed in Shaver Lake crash

FRESNO, Calif.

The twin engine Cessna was heading to Nebraska when it crashed in the Sierra.

Authorities found the fiery wreckage Saturday night near Dinkey Creek and Nevins Road in the Shaver Lake area.

Investigators spent the morning flying over these skies looking for parts of the plane that were sheared off during impact. Investigators say finding those pieces will give them some insight into what caused the crash.

People throughout Shaver Lake heard the crash that killed a father and son on Saturday night. Brian Seniff was on his lunch break and heard the plane slam into the ground before he called 9-1-1.

"It just sounded like it was cutting out. The motor was like cutting out and then it went back on and when it went down and then it hit and that was it," Seniff said.

Action News has learned new details about that crash. Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board say the twin engine Cessna took off from Salinas at about 6:30 on Saturday evening and was headed to Omaha, Nebraska.

About 50 minutes into the flight the plane fell off the radar.

"The airplane climbed to about 27 thousand feet and a few minutes later air traffic control observed the airplane rapidly descending," Eliott Simpson of the National Transportation Board said. "The only piece of the wreckage we have at the accident site is the main fuselage, we have yet to locate the wings or the tail section."

The NTSB says the plane did not have a black box onboard but investigators are hoping its GPS system will give them some insight into the moments that led to the wreck .

The NTSB is now trying to locate the tail section and the wings of the plane.

Both victims of the crash are prominent members of their communities and come from a large family.

According to KETV the victims have been identified by the family's church in Omaha, Nebraska.

The pilot, 41-year-old Scott Clarke, is from Springfield, Missouri. He's an anesthesiologist at Mercy Hospital in Springfield. He's listed as the registered owner of the plane that crashed.

Dr. Clarke is survived by his wife and four kids between the ages of 10 and 17.

According to friends and family Dr. Clarke was flying with his father, 67-year-old Patrick Clarke.

He was a financial planner who founded a major investment firm, CLS Investments, in Omaha. According to the firm's website the company manages more than $7 billion.

The family's bishop says when they heard about the crash they were hoping for good news.

"Very tragic and unexpected thing to happen. We were hopeful, the first news I received was that maybe only one passed away. Then probably an hour or two later it was confirmed that both died," Troy Thompson said.

Both Patrick and Scott Clarke were leaders in the Boy Scouts. They also volunteered much of their time with the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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