Thousands visit China Peak on season's biggest day

FRESNO, Calif.

The 6 hour drive from Orange County didn't bother the Senske family. In fact, they said every minute was worth it once they stepped foot on the snow at China Peak.

"I think it was the best day because all the snow settled from snowing the past few days so no snow in our faces it was nice, the snow settled was really great," Samie Senske said.

Resort owner Tim Cohee says this past week has been cold, so cold that some people stayed away.

"Then all of a sudden it warms a tiny bit, the roads clear up the cloud go away and of course you have a perfect storm, best day of the holiday so far," Cohee said.

Cohee says the cold weather brought more than 4 feet of snow. As the temperature continued to dip, the snow continued to stick.

"They call it cold smoke in the industry, cold, willowy snow, no hard spot, every turn you make is a perfect turn that's what you have right now, in fact it'll probably continue this week as well," Cohee said.

Which means there are 1400 acres of wide open, snowy spaces perfect for every beginner, expert or first timer, like Houston native Carlos Barett.

"Still a beginner, I fall but I get back up and keep going," Barett said.

Barett tells us he and his buddies from Lemoore Naval Air Station came to ski, snowboard and ring in the new year.

He says the perfect snow hasn't necessarily perfected his abilities but it hasn't ruined his good time either.

"Yeah, that's what they were saying I really don't know the difference, like I said I'm a beginner! But whatever they say I'll go with it," Barett said.

Apparently he's not the only one, as more than 4 thousand people tested out that perfect snow on what's shaping up to be the biggest and busiest day of the season.

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