Neighbors mourn for Tollhouse boy killed by pellet gun

January 5, 2013 12:00:00 AM PST
Neighbors are talking about the efforts to save a young boy who was accidentally shot with a pellet gun by a playmate.

Fresno County Sheriff deputies say the accident happened on Friday in Tollhouse near Quail Mountain Lane and Hidden Hollow Lane.

Investigators say the young boy died after he was shot by that pellet gun in the chest. His name is not being released, but those we talked to say they're stunned a little boy died in such a tragic way.

"I can only imagine what the parents are going through. You send your kids out to play and you can only hope they make the right decisions while they are playing," said Lorrie Mullins, Neighbor.

Investigators say the 10-year-old boy was shot with a pellet gun while riding his bike in the Tollhouse area. Deputies got the call from a house on Quail Mountain Lane at about four o'clock on Friday evening. They believe another child who was playing with the boy shot the gun and hit him in the chest -- without knowing it was loaded.

Neighbors shared photos of the medics who landed on their front yard soon after the shooting.

"That was devastating. And especially to see him brought out of the ambulance it was devastating to see that was a child," said Joel Jackson, neighbor, "They were working on him the whole time, they were pumping on him."

The child was flown out to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, but did not survive his wounds.

One gun store owner Action News spoke with wants to remind parents pellet guns are dangerous, and children should never use them without supervision.

"A pellet gun or an air gun, the key to that is it is a gun, it does fire a projectile and you should treat it like you would any other gun and you should keep it secure. The gun should be locked up and the pellet or ammunition for it should be under lock and key preferably in separate areas," said Bill Mayfield, Gilmay Guns.

Action News reached out to the family who lives in the home where the 911 call was made on Friday. A woman, who declined to appear on camera, said they are struggling with the loss.