Classmates remembering boy, 10, killed by a pellet gun

January 8, 2013 12:00:01 AM PST
Several hundred elementary students returned from winter break with the sad news, their classmate was tragically killed in an accident.

The coroner's office identified the victim as 10-year-old Kevin Hannah of Tollhouse.

Sheriff's investigators say he died Friday night when another child accidentally shot him with a pellet gun.

Kevin Hannah was described as a wonderful student who excelled in math and loved baseball. His family moved to the mountain community of Tollhouse just before the school year began. Before that, he was a student in Clovis.

Kevin loved the outdoors, hunting and fishing, according to friends. He had a passion for baseball and teammates say he always played with heart.

The sad news of his death began the school day at Foothill Elementary in Prather, where Kevin attended.

Brad Barcus said, "Our goal is to make sure we are protecting our students, to make sure that they have an understanding of actually what happened, there's a lot of rumors out there so we wanted to make sure they have the facts and our teachers were prepared to deal with any questions that they have."

Psychologists were also available to talk with any students who wanted to share their feelings.

Although Kevin only attended Foothill Elementary this school year, during the short time he was there, he made a great impression. He was a role model on campus and well liked among peers.

At Mickey Cox Elementary in Clovis, Kevin's tragic death has also devastated many students. Counselors were also on campus Monday. Even though he moved away several months ago, family friends say Kevin still maintained close friendships.

At both schools, classmates and teammates are remembering the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks fan, and trying to find the most fitting way to honor his life.

"The students are discussing now how to appropriately honor him. He was a great kid, a lot of good friends. We also want to do something appropriate, we also want to be respectful of the family- but those things are all in the works."

Several organizations Kevin was involved with are planning fundraisers to help his family during this difficult time.

ABC30 was told funeral arrangements are still being planned.